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On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 11:24 AM, gm <> wrote:
Did you consider a reverb or an FFT time stretch algorithm?

I haven't looked into an FFT algorithm. I'll have to read up on that,
but what do you mean with reverb? Would you feed the loop into a
reverb or apply some reverberant filter before looping?

The FFT aproach is basically a reverb in the spectral domain,
in time domain you would use an "endless" reverb without any damping filters
and a reverberation time thats as close to infinity you can get away with without numerical rounding issues then you just set the reverb time and dry/wet to none (or short) while the effect ist off, and to 1 when the effect is on, in-betweens ar possible, also you can modulate the
reverbtime with the input for a kind of ducking effekt
(you can do similar things with fft, resetting phase and amplitude when inpit is above a thershold)

The FFT aproach has the sonical advantage that you start with the original sound otherwise its quite similar, what you get is dispersing phases with the original amplitude spectrum

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