I am collecting information on how to accomplish DSP projects (mainly
synths, only output) with low cost or makers boards.

-Arduino Uno 16 bit PWM, 25 usd
-Arduino Due 12 bit DAC, 50 usd
-Beaglebone + Bela 16 bit DAC, 170 usd
-Raspberry Pi + Behringher Uca22216 bit DAC, 70 usd
-16 bit DAC module, 5 usd (and some fast board, Due? )

I am not sure about maximum sampling rate for each case, but I think they
all reach 44.1 kHz, (maybe not for the arduino UNO). It will be nice to run
code at higher bit depths and rates but DAC outputs at CD quality.

Does anyone has experience with some of these combinations or others and
could share comments on technical issues, ease of use, latency, audio
quality (noise, max sampling rate), etc.

Thanks in advance. Great list by the way.
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