Id like to add that some manufacturers like 1010 have added a 3 pin Digital 
connection for midi, wich is super cool for things like polyphony and velocity. 
(Not so cool for slides and control voltages)

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There is the EuroSynth Specification and some EuroRack manufacturers are 
supposed to be forming a EuroRack Specification

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Subject:        Re: [music-dsp] [dumb question] do Eurorack audio and CV 
signals use the same connectors?
Date:   Tue, 14 Nov 2017 03:17:39 -0500
From:   Ezra Buchla <><>

>> 2. if yes (CV and audio use the same connectors and cables), must CV be full 
>> audio bandwidth?  (can one get away with sampling CV at a slower sample-rate 
>> if one were to do a digital module?)
> My impression is, that there’s no real spec dealing with bandwidth issues. 
> Only a few things like mechanical dimensions, power supply, gate voltage and 
> Oscillator CV characteristics are “prescribed”.
> See here:
> So, the basic rule is: be a good citizen, don’t draw overly much from the PS 
> and don’t send more than +/-12 volts to other modules. Be ready to accept +/- 
> 12 volts at all inputs.

i must add for completion that you should also be prepared to accept +/- 12v on 
the *output*. (see for example here:

tl/dr: inputs on some module may be normalled to some rail without buffering. 
so the action of patching a TRS connector may momentarily short the output to a 
power rail. this can fry a GPIO.

its very much as steffan says - there are no actual standards and you must be 
prepared for any possible connection (including output -> output if truth be 

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