Hi All,

Some time ago I made a little OSX app called De-Interleaver, which (you guessed 
it) de-/interleaved mono sound files to and from multichannel ones. I did this 
because there wasn’t much around that did it at the time.

Time passed, various people submitted bug reports and feature requests that I 
mostly didn’t have time to deal with, and eventually it stopped working 
entirely on newer versions of OSX.

I’m still fairly busy, and there are other tools out there that can do this, so 
I’m not going to actively develop it further, but as it was sort of popular, 
and I still get queries about it, I thought I should at least clean it up, get 
it working, and put it up on Github, so that others can use it, fix it or 
extend it if they like.

Fixing 10 year old Obj-C code was not so fun ;-) but it now builds without 
errors and works AFAICS. A beta release is available here:


Please kick the tires and let me know if anything shakes loose.

Happy De-Interleaving,


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