This all works well in an ideal system. Suppose the sampling clock is drifting 
slowly over period of time,
then the notch filter will fail to filter it. How to detect and correct these 
clock drifts and have a stable notch filter.


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If the sine frequency is f and the sample rate is sr:

Let C = cos(2*pi*f/sr)

For each sample compute:

y(t) = x(t) - 2*C*x(t-1) + x(t-2)

y(t) should be 0 for every t... if not it indicates a discontinuity. This is 
just an FIR filter with a zero at the given frequency.


On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 11:58 AM, STEFFAN DIEDRICHSEN 
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With any phase discontinuity, a spectral discontinuity is delivered for free. 
So, the notch filter will have an output, a PPL would need to re-sync, etc.


On 10.01.2018|KW2, at 17:51, Benny Alexandar 
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 But if there is a phase discontinuity it will be hard to detect.

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