I don't know if it is possible to make the math behind elliptic filters simpler. They really stand out by using somewhat exotic functions.

As for the online resource about filter basics unfortunately I can't recommend any. Also IMHO the resource choice may be strongly affected by your goals.


PS. If your goal is to design synth filters, I probably would have recommended my book, but it requires some math background, and also since you seem to be interested in elliptic filters, I'm not sure if this is the area you're looking for.

On 02-Feb-18 12:37, Dario Sanfilippo wrote:
Thanks, Vadim.

I don't have a math background so it might take me longer than I wished to obtain the coefficients that way, but it's probably time to learn it. With that regard, would you have a particularly good online resource that you'd suggest for pole-zero analysis and filter design?

Thanks to you too, Shannon.


On 1 February 2018 at 11:16, Vadim Zavalishin <vadim.zavalis...@native-instruments.de <mailto:vadim.zavalis...@native-instruments.de>> wrote:

    Hmm, the Wikipedia article on elliptic filters has a formula to
    calculate the poles and further references the Wikipedia article on
    elliptic rational functions which effectively contains the formula
    for the zeros. Obtaining the coefficients from poles and zeros
    should be straightforward.


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