We are looking for a research engineer with a background in audio DSP,
machine learning and a passion for music to join our exciting project in
central London.

A.I Music is a music technology company founded in 2017 and is part of the
Abbey Road Red incubation program.

We are evolving digital music from static consumption to an experience of
dynamic co-creation. We are exploring what happens when you apply the
latest techniques in machine learning to music, where our aim is to
significantly lower the barriers to music production and make it
universally accessible.

To meet this challenge, we are building a team of top software engineers,
DSP engineers, researchers, data scientists, designers and industry


-Competitive and dependent on profile, degree and experience.


-Central London office with amazing views neighbouring the stunning
Battersea power station development.

Among the R&D team, your main tasks will be:

- Designing, implementing and optimising innovative audio DSP and machine
learning algorithms

- Assist in the development of a cross-platform audio processing pipeline.

- Contributing to the development of AI Music's products

Desired Profile:

- Experience in audio signal processing and machine learning.

- Experience designing, implementing and optimising innovative audio DSP
and ML algorithms.

- Familiarity with sound engineering, audio formats & DAW technology.

- An understanding of the JUCE framework.

- Knowledge of: neural networks, NMF, PCA, bayesian methods, music
information retrieval, speech processing and computer vision.

- Experience with Python, Matlab and C++.

- Portfolio showing previous audio software applications built is always a

- Any iOS, Android or React Native development experience is a bonus.

Please email your application to d...@aimusic.co.uk

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