Ben, can you confirm that what you want to do is Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion (ASRC)? this is what Steffan is talking about and what it looked like you were looking for in your first post.

If ASRC is what you wanna do, that is a combination of the SRC task (like what is done to a sound file when you change the sample rate of it) and servo systems like you get in control theory, like what is done in a phase-lock loop (like hurrying up or slowing down based on the delay). If you wanna write your own code to do this, it's about those two general DSP and digital control problems. you will need to be able to read a fast system clock (like what profilers read) to do this really well.

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Actually, there are SRC chips available from Texas Instruments, just take look at their website. They don’t cost too much and are found in countless digital mixing consoles.



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Hi GM,

>> HT -> Atan2 -> differenciate -> unwrap
Could you please explain how to find the drift using HT,

HT -> gives real(I) & imaginary (Q) components of real signal
Atan2 -> the phase of an I Q signal
diff-> gives what ?
unwrap ?


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I don't understand your project at all so not sure if this is helpful,
probably not,
but you can calculate the drift or instantanous frequency of a sine wave
on a per sample basis
using a Hilbert transform
HT -> Atan2 -> differenciate -> unwrap
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