I'm hoping to make some formant synthesis patches with my modular soft
synth Moselle. http://moselle-synth.com

I've looked around for formant tables and find tables with more vowels and
fewer formants, or fewer vowels and more formants.  Tables with amplitude
seem to have fewer vowels and only one I've found shows Q.

But the Q (as shown in CSound documentation, one example pasted below) is
specified in Hz.

The parametric (const and non-const) filters I'm using need a Q input.  Is
there a formula to convert Hz into Q?

Failing that, is there a standard amplitude at which which a bandwidth
would be measured in Hz?  EG, at -6dB or -12dB or something?  If so I could
just eyeball it on a graph.

Final question: does anyone know a more comprehensive set of such data?
This CSound data is great but only covers 5 vowels.

Frank Sheeran

*soprano "a"*
freq (Hz)  800  1150  2900  3900  4950
amp (dB)  0  -6  -32  -20  -50
bw (Hz)  80  90  120  130  140
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