Hi Frank. I’ve never messed with these, but it seems obvious that they are 
either going to have a predictable format (that they specify *somewhere*, if 
they intend to let people sue anything but their own editor), or add/expect 
additional info bundled in the wave file (in which case they’d also need to 

In a quick search, I see that Serum expects 2048-sample wavetable (not a 
surprising number—let’s you span the audio range with all audible harmonics):

Wavetables in a Serum-compatible format can be directly loaded into Expanse. 
You can also make your own Serum-compatible wavetables using Serum or other 
audio software, or programming environments that offer wav file output. The 
format is as follows.
– 2048 samples per single-cycle
– Maximum of 256 frames (positions), less than 256 frames will be morphed or 
crossfaded according to the import setting.

> On Mar 6, 2018, at 6:27 AM, Frank Sheeran <fshee...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've written a Wavetable Oscillator for my modular software synthesizer.
> Surveying the synth software I can find (Serum, XRSDO, etc.) it seems that 
> they all store wavetables in WAV files, PCM format, which I'm able to read 
> and use with libsndfile.
> However, is there any idea how I can tell how many samples per wave there is?
> Clearly I can limit myself to factors of the file size.  EG a 65536 byte file 
> can have 256 waves of 256 samples, or 64 samples of 1024 samples, etc.
> Is there any de-facto standard?  Or a short list of heuristics I could use?
> I've tried integrating (simply summing) the waves, hoping to see the sum come 
> to zero right on a factor (and its multiples).  In some cases: perfect!  But 
> in fact many of these files seem to have either DC or simply wave changes 
> that keep these numbers from being zero, even when I can see by the harmonic 
> plot's orderliness that I have the correct sample count.
> Thanks,
> Frank Sheeran
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