Den 2018-03-10 kl. 16:33, skrev Frank Sheeran:

> What I notice in so many of the existing tools in this niche is that
> they all let you "draw your own waveform!!!!!!" as if that's something
> you'd actually want to do.  It always seemed obvious to me that at
> least drawing the harmonic spectrum would be far more useful, so why
> this "draw waveform" ability?  Is it just because that's what naive
> users think would be good?

Yes, I think you're on to something. Most musicians who use wavetable
synthesizers probably have no idea what Fourier series are, and at best
have a diffuse understanding of the relation between waveforms and
spectra. I also think that this visual interaction can be very appealing
for many users.

I can imagine an editor with more perceptually motivated functions,
where you'd specify a waveform in terms of feature extractors such as
centroid, odd/even balance of partials, formants, spectral rolloff etc.

Here's my take on wavetable synthesis, which definitely doesn't let you
draw your own waveform!

Comments are appreciated. I hope to add a few sound examples some day.


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