On 03/10/2018 12:40 PM, Andy Drucker wrote:
Just to note, WaveEdit *does* let you draw in the spectrum.  It's the only tool I can think of that seamlessly allows edits in both domains at once, and allows non-mathematical users to "puzzle out" the relation between the two in a hands-on way.

This is what I believe is the key feature - immediately revealing to intimate relationship between the time and frequency series. Since I'm involved behind the scenes in producing some of these synthesizer modules (I wrote the embedded code for the Synthtech E352 and E370) I see a lot of what the customers are asking for - they want control over the waveforms and the most obvious approach is to simply draw them. Those who take the next step and actually try to do this often become frustrated that their intuition about shape vs sound fails them. Bringing in the frequency series control helps to mold the intuition and makes for an overall more useful tool that also helps teach.

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