Hi Paula,

My soft synth is a programming language (interpreted or compiled) used to
route audio and control signals between C++ modules.  (See
http://moselle-synth.com for details.)

It is currently a stand-alone PC application, while I develop the language
and modules.

Naturally my goal is to turn it into a plug-in usable by a DAW.

I've also talked with a hardware developer about building a DSP-based
hardware solution, mainly for lower latency and higher polyphony.  But it
seems like that's also a pretty good way to go bankrupt.

While on the PC, I've used a thread-pool to increase voice output
calculation, increasing polyphony.  However I'm only using that for actual
voice production, not for calculating wavetables.

So in summary: no, FPGA is probably out of the immediate plans, but your
suggestion of parallelization could certainly help and I've noted that on
my to-do list.  Thanks!

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 5:28 PM, <pa...@synth.net> wrote:

> Hi,
>  Have you considered moving to an FPGA? this way you could potentially do
> a large portion of the processing in parallel.
> Paula
> On 2018-04-16 16:46, Frank Sheeran wrote:
> RBJ says:
> > are you making wavetables, Frank?? is that what you're doing?
> Well yes.
> More specifically, I'm adding Wavetable SYNTHESIS to my long-standing
> software synthesizer.
> It's been generating waveforms the patch-writer specifies by formula,
> and/or by setting individual harmonics, and the like, for years.  It takes
> a portion of a second to do for a single wave.   I generate several
> bandwidth-limited versions (by default 1/4 octave apart).  Some call the
> resulting data structure a mipmap, some call it a wavetable, but the
> salient point is that there's only one spectrum (at least, at any given
> pitch range).
> The problem is that now I'd doing it for say 32 or 64 or 256 waveforms at
> once it can take a full second on a fast modern CPU.
> So, the simple symmetry-based solution I had before isn't really fit for
> purpose.
> To all: thanks for all the pointers.  I'm not a maths/acoustics guy, just
> a humble software developer, but I'll work through all the references and
> see how much I understand.
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