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We are pleased to announce* Musical Haptics*, a new open access book which
introduces an emerging field that brings together engineering,
human-computer interaction, applied psychology, musical aesthetics, and
music performance. The volume is published in the Springer Series on Touch
and Haptic Systems, and is now available online:

Divided into two parts, part I examines the tactile aspects of music
performance and perception, discussing how they affect user experience and
performance in terms of usability, functionality and perceived quality of
musical instruments. Part II presents engineering, computational, and
design approaches and guidelines that have been applied to render and
exploit haptic feedback in digital musical interfaces.

*Musical Haptics* is intended for haptic engineers, researchers in
human-computer interaction, music psychologists, interaction designers,
musical instrument designers, and musicians who, for example, would like to
gain insight into the haptic exchange between musicians and their
instruments, its relevance for user experience, quality perception and
musical performance, as well as practical guidelines for the use of haptic
feedback in musical devices and other human-computer interfaces.

The editors:
Stefano Papetti and Charalampos Saitis

Dr. Charalampos Saitis

Humboldt Research Fellow / Humboldt-Forschungsstipendiat
Audio Communication Group / Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation
Technical University Berlin / Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin

Einsteinufer 17c, Sekr. EN 8
10587 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 314 75773
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