Thank you so much for making this available.  In fact, I'm currently involved 
in a project that
needs this exact kind of information.

-- ScottG wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>As usual, I'm duplicating here the announcement on KVR, since (I assume) 
>not everyone from this list is also present there.
>The Art of VA Filter Design has been updated to 2.0.0alpha. Freely 
>available at this link:
>Major highlights compared to the previous release:
>- different presentation of Sallen-Key filters
>- 8-pole ladders
>- detailed discussion of nonlinearities
>- "Butterworth filters of the 2nd kind"
>- different presentation of shelving filters, high-order generalized 
>Butterworth and elliptic shelving
>- generalized Linkwitz-Riley crossovers
>- lots of theoretical stuff
>- last but not least: a neat formula for the frequency shifter's poles
>The book is a mixture of new research, common knowledge (presented from 
>the POV of the author) and reinventing the wheel. I would be thankful 
>for pointers to previous research, which I might not be aware of.
>Some of the new material is used in the soon to be released Reaktor Core 
>macro library update, so it can be tried out (and looked into) directly 
>The book is in the "alpha" state, some of the material had only surface 
>checking and to an extent is a bit of a "work in progress".
>Best regards,
>Vadim Zavalishin
>Reaktor Application Architect
>Native Instruments GmbH
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