Hi Dave,

This is certainly possible, and I'm not really into VST, but I'm not aware of 
one that
works precisely that way.

Probably not what you want to hear, but if I wanted this, I'd write it myself...

music-dsp@music.columbia.edu wrote:
>Can anyone recommend some simple software available that would allow me to
>attach a MIDI keyboard controller to my Windows PC and play individual .wav
>files that I provide for each note? Like C4.wav, C#4.wav, D4.wav, D#4.wav,
>etc or similar. I'm thinking of virtual instrument, VST, or similar, but it
>doesn't have to be. I need the player to instantly recognize updated .wav
>files. They will be generated by my external program. I need to be able to
>tweak some parameters, re-generate the .wav files, and play and hear the
>results quickly without having to go through a lot of extra steps for each
>revision. This is the requirement that makes it hard to find a solution.
>Thanks for your ideas.  --Dave
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