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Subject: Re: [music-dsp] Blend two audio

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Date: Mon, June 18, 2018 7:14 pm

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> Suggestions of crossfading techniques, but I&rsquo;m not convinced that 
> solves the problem the OP posed:


> "given [two] identical audio inputs...A1 is ahead of A2 by t sec, when switch 
> from A1 to A2...it should be seamless&rdquo;


> If the definition of &ldquo;seamless&rdquo; is glitch-free, crossfading will 
> solve it. But then why mention &ldquo;identical" and &ldquo;ahead&rdquo;?


> I think he&rsquo;s talking about synchronization. And it&rsquo;s unclear 
> whether t is known.


i might suggest cross-correlating A1 and A2 and find a peak in the 
cross-correlation that is a good peak closest to the given time "t" and use 
*that* time for t instead of the given.

just put a little bit of jitter into the offset amount to line the two sounds 
up as good as possible, then do a crossfade.

a few years ago, on this very mailing list, i posted a "theory" on how to go 
from "constant-power crossfade" (which is the most glitch-free when the 
correlation is zero) to "constant-voltage crossfade" (which is the best when 
the correlation is 100%) and everything in
between.� Olli Niemitalo had some ideas in that thread.� dunno if there is a 
music-dsp archive anymore or not.

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