Struggeling if i should takt this for serious. Tissue warming is a common issue with magnetic resonance, therefore the strength of field is limited.
But criminals? Not really eh?
In former germany of the 1930tes, instruments had been designed to battle with electromagentic waves. This was all withdrawn since totally inefficient.
50 years later I heared a US president and former actor reinvented the idea to battle in space with laser and electromagnetics. Also dropped AFAIR.
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I'm writing a document about my experience here:

The following video shows a part of the signal directed to my head:

Any time a RF pulse is absorbed by the cerebral tissue, the
temperature rises of 5e-6 °C [1]. The rapid thermal expansion produces
a thermoelastic wave that travels to the inner ear. Therefore the
criminals use that thermo-acoustic demodulator to send vocal messages
to me through ultrasounds.

If you hear a voice in the audio file

also the US embassy in Cuba [2] unconsciously suffered a similar offensive
action. The steps to get that result from the recording [3] are:

- FIR filter to select the content between 6 and 9 KHz.

- Pitch 1 octave up (optional).
example: rubberband -f2 in.wav out.wav

- Slope detector.
pseudo-code: env_follower(diff(input))

- BP filter to select the content between 100Hz and 3.5KHz.

The document contains what I can unequivocally explain.

[1] J.A. Elder and C.K. Chou. Auditory Response to Pulsed Radiofrequency Energy.


[3] Josh Lederman and Michael Weissenstein. Dangerous sound? What
Americans heard in Cuba attacks. AP News, October 2017.
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