I've been wondering about the connection that resonance and filter orders at 
least 2.  That's 2 delays (and feedback).
But if you're limiting the resonant frequencies to DC and Nyquist, then with a 
one-sample delay digital filter, you can have something like "resonance".
 Even if the single delay is two samples long (but no tap in the middle), that 
allows only DC, Nyquist, or half-Nyquist as tunable frequencies. 
So just sayin, in another sense of the word, that "resonance" can be had with a 
single *long* delay and one feedback path or with two arbitrarily short delays 
and two feedback paths.

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Yes. The term helmholz resonator should be a hint ;) Basically when a sounds 
gets added to itself after a delay you end up adding energy to the frequency 
that corresponds to that delay amount. For very long echos we don't hear it as 
a resonance, but for shorter delays it will boost higher and higher frequencies 
into the audible range.
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Hello all


Is "feedback with delay" really resonance? I recognize many people describe the 
effects of "room resonanes this way", but to my understanding these are no 
resonances in the basic meaning but reflections. A resonance is a self standing 
oscillating system like a guitar string or an air mass in a Helmholtz resonator.




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Resonance is just delay with feedback. Resonance occurs when you delay a signal 
and then feed it back with some gain to the input of the delay "in phase"



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