Hello Nigel
could you please say a word more to what you mean by "2x", "3x"?

Also I am again not sure why in this case, adding zeros is an advantage. I had expected to just copy the samples to have less work to do in filtering. I tested such things in MATLAB and found that feeding zeros needs more filter TAPs to come to the same result.
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Some articles on my website: http://www.earlevel.com/main/category/digital-audio/sample-rate-conversion/, especially the 2010 articles, but the Amp Sim article might be a helpful overview.
48k -> 8k: Filter with a lowpass with cutoff below 4k; keep 1 sample, throw away 5, repeat.
8k -> 48k: Use 1 sample, follow it with 5 new samples of 0 value, repeat; filter with a lowpass filter with cutoff below 4k.
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