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i, personally, would rather see a consistent method used throughout the
> MIDI keyboard range; high notes or low.  it's hard to gracefully transition
> from one method to a totally different method while the note sweeps.  like
> what if portamento is turned on?  the only way to clicklessly jump from
> wavetable to a "naive" sawtooth would be to crossfade.  but crossfading to
> a wavetable richer in harmonics is already built in.

Yes. I crossfade between two adjacent wavetables. It is just at the bottom
that I switch to the "naive sawtooth". I want to be able to sweep the
frequency through zero to negative frequency. So I need a signal near zero.
But as I get closer to zero I need an infinite number of octaves. So the
region near zero has to be handled differently anyway.

> and what if the "classic" waveform wasn't a saw but something else?  more
> general?

I only use the MultiTable for the Sawtooth. Then I generate Square and
Pulse from two Sawteeth.
Also note that for the octave between Nyquist and Nyquist/2 that I use a
table with a pure sine wave. If I added a harmonic in that range then it
would be above the Nyquist.

Phil Burk
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