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Subject: [music-dsp] FFT for realtime synthesis?

From: "gm" <g...@voxangelica.net>

Date: Tue, October 23, 2018 5:51 pm

To: music-dsp@music.columbia.edu


> Does anybody know a real world product that uses FFT for sound synthesis?

> Do you think its feasable and makes sense?

so this first question is about synthesis, not modification for effects, 
right?� and real-time, correct?� so a MIDI Note-On is received and you want a 
note coming out as quickly as possible?
i don't know of a hardware product that does inverse FFT for synthesis.� i
do know of a couple of effects algorithms that go into products that use FFT.� 
i think it's mostly about doing "fast convolution" for purposes of reverb.
what are you intending to synthesize?� notes?� or something more wild than 
that?� just


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