You could also do a kickstarter, like the push turn move and patch&tweak books? Or just self publish, where they print say 5 books and sell them, when they drop below 2 they print a few more.

Just some random thoughts, but I will probably find somewhere I can get it printed/bound :)


On 2018-11-01 15:04, Vadim Zavalishin wrote:
On 01-Nov-18 15:18, wrote:

Hmmm, 500 A4 pages would be rather heavy ;)

I'd willingly pay for a copy.

Quite pleased to hear that, thank you ;) Still, you could ask a copy
shop to print and bind a copy for yourself (the book license allows

I have been considering selling this book for money, but so far I
don't really want to do that. One of the reasons, it'd be
prohibitively difficult to release small updates such as this one.

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