Am 05.11.2018 um 01:39 schrieb robert bristow-johnson:
mr. g,

I think what you're describing is the Cooley-Tukey Radix-2 FFT algorithm.

yes that seems kind of right, though I am not describing something but posting a question actually
and the "other thing" was an answer to a question

maybe my post was too long, boring and naive for you, so I am sorry for that. I am reusing the same subject lien to help people to ignore this, if they want

so you do the "radix 2 algorithm" if you will on a subband, and now what?
the bandlimits are what? the neighbouring upper and lower bands?

how do I get a frequency estimate "in between" out of these two real values that describe the upper and lower limit of the band but have no further information?

thank you.
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