On 1/4/19 3:22 PM, Frank Sheeran wrote:
> Hey, if you don't want an actual Hammond, that's why I wrote the entire
> soft synth in the first place!  :-D
> The main reason I'm doing this patch is as a case study showing my soft
> synth can emulate a real Hammond (and Leslie) warts and all, to a very deep
> level, and showing how one would go about it.

Hi Frank,

You may want to have a look at
'warts and all' even managed to creep into the source-code there :)

The tonewheels in that case are pure sine waves with -40dB compartment
leakage, -40dB terminal-strip cross-talk and also -40dB for wire model,
but those are configurable (see src/tonegen.c). IMHO it does sound very
realistic e.g. https://vimeo.com/130633814

A related issue, there is a really nice paper analyzing the key-click:

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