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Hi there, really appreciate your VA book. I am reading version 2.1.0
and I think I spotted an error: on page 93, the text goes:

"In this respect consider that Fig. 3.12 is trying to explicitly
emulate the analog integration behavior, preserving the topology of
the original analog structure, while Fig. 3.34 is concerned solely
with implementing a correct transfer function. Since Fig. 3.34
implements a classical approach to the bilinear transform application
for digital filter design (which ignores the filter topology) we’ll
refer to the trapezoidal integration replacement technique as the
topology-preserving bilinear transform (or, shortly, TPBLT)."

I *think* that it should be "Since Fig. 3.12 implements  ..." instead
of 3.34.

Am I right? If I am not, then I guess I did not understand much about
TPT :)


no, the text is correct at this point. 3.34 implements a classical
version of the filter, which is bilinear transform without preserving
the topology, while 3.12 preserves it, thus we refer to 3.12 as topology-preserving bilinear transform. (and for the reference of others, who might be reading this, the page number is actually 81, while 93 is the "raw" page number, depending on your PDF viewer you might need to look for one or the other)

PS: any chance there could be a permalink to the most recent version
of the book? I seem that I have to go back through the archives of
music-dsp to find the most recent link (or manually attempt a URL for
version 2.1.1).

(if you google for "the art of va filter design" this is one of the first links)

Also, is the book linked to from anywhere on the NI website?

It is linked from the Reaktor area of the website. The current URL is


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