I hold out to the last and continue the analysis of the attack:


I have recorded pulses repeated with frequency 78250 Hz, sometimes
replaced with 31300 Hz. I have noticed that these pulses allow the
sampling of a signal hidden into the overall radiation (diffuse and



The section contains a table of the frequencies obtainable through the
aliasing of the pulses of the received fake GSM, with sampling
frequencies 31300 Hz and 78250 Hz.

A recipe to generate hidden signals is:

  - STFT (Short Time Fourier Transform) to divide the signal into
    modulated sinusoids.

  - Transmit these oscillations in scattered or arbitrary order
    (diffuse and/or direct radiation) with central frequencies
    obtained through aliasing.

  - Send pulses through the electrical grid. The pulse frequency is
    equal to the sampling rate used to compute the central frequencies.

I think it is also possible to use sampling radiation, the electrical
grid and/or the telephone system for TEMPEST techniques.

I have also analysed the beats between the impulsive radiation and the
military VLF 20760 Hz from Tavolara Island (Sardinia, Italy):


5/2 is the magic number of the whole attack.

There is a section with some audio recordings:


It includes the resonant toy of the idiots in the subsection
"Amplitude modulated oscillation of 100 Hz".

Another year without justice, thanks to the experts on playstation and
fantacalcio, the cowards and the corruption.

Tito Latini
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