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Fully funded PhD and PostDoc positions are available at the Casa Paganini -
InfoMus Research Centre (www.casapaganini.org), DIBRIS-Dept. of Informatics,
Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering, Polytechnic School,
University of Genoa, Italy. Each research position will have a specific
focus on the development of computational models, multimodal systems and
interfaces, research experiment and prototypes in one of the following
areas: (i) automated measurement, analysis, and prediction of full-body
non-verbal individual movement qualities and emotions; (ii) automated
measurement, analysis, and prediction of full-body non-verbal social signals
(synchronization, entrainment, leadership).
Accepted candidates will develop a research plan in the framework of the
4-year (2019-2022) Horizon 2020 European Project FET Proactive EnTimeMent
(https://entimement.dibris.unige.it/ ), and may be asked to participate in
joint activities with research partners in EnTimeMent, including possible
short residencies at EnTimeMent partners' sites. 

Candidates should ideally have the following profile:
+ Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related
+ Excellent technical and programming skills (Python, Java, C/C++); 
+ Prior experience in at least one of the following fields: human computer
interaction, affective computing, motion capture and motion analysis,
multimodal interfaces, sound analysis and interactive sonification, computer
vision, machine learning;     
+ Ability to work independently, self-motivation, and ability to actively
contribute as a member of a multidisciplinary research team including
experts in computer science and engineering, movement science, cognitive
neuroscience, cognitive and motoric rehabilitation, performing arts;
+ Strong commitment to advancing the state-of-the-art research and
publishing in top research venues;
+ Excellent communication skills in English.
To apply, please email your application to: antonio.camu...@unige.it and
 The application should consist of a single pdf file including:
+ cover letter expressing your interest in the position and your profile
+ curriculum vitae showing academic records with tracks related to the
themes of the thesis;
+ list of publications (post-doc applications only);
+ transcript of marks according to M1-M2 profile or last 3 years of
engineering or related school (PhD applications only);
+ contact and recommendation letter of at least two university referents;

As a preliminary step, candidates will be invited for a Skype interview.
Candidates may also be invited to a fully funded short research internship
in our research team during summer 2019. To be finally enrolled, candidates
will need to pass a formal evaluation performed by a selection committee
University of Genova will appoint according to the Italian laws.
The envisioned starting date for the first selected PhD candidates is
November 2019. PostDoc starting date is negotiable.

Conditions of employment     
Hired on a fixed-term contract at University of Genoa, working full-time at
the Casa Paganini-InfoMus Research Centre of DIBRIS, University of Genoa,
with possible short internships at a research centre of an EnTimeMent
project partner. 
Duration: three years for PhD students; 2-year contract for post-docs
(possible extensions available). 

Further Information     
For any question or further details please send email to
antonio.camu...@unige.it and gualtiero.vo...@unige.it 

The Casa Paganini-InfoMus Research Centre at DIBRIS, Polytechnic School,
University of Genoa, Italy
As art influences science and technology, science and technology can in turn
inspire art. Recognizing this mutually beneficial relationship, researchers
at the Casa Paganini-InfoMus Research Centre work to combine scientific
research in information and communications technology (ICT) with artistic
and humanistic research.
The mission of Casa Paganini - InfoMus consists of carrying out scientific
and technological research on human-centered computing where art and
humanistic culture are a fundamental source of inspiration. The research
team includes computer engineers and experts from the human sciences and the
Scientific and technological research includes: investigation and
development of computational models and of multimodal systems focusing on
non-verbal, full-body, expressive, emotional, and social behavior
(entrainment, leadership); sound and music computing; interactive
sonification; multimodal interactive systems and serious games for
rehabilitation, entertainment, sport, edutainment, museums and cultural
institutions; multimedia systems and services for the creative industry: ICT
for active music listening, interactive dance, theatre, cultural heritage,
user-centric media and mobile systems.
The Casa Paganini - InfoMus Research Centre coordinates and participates as
partner in many international projects on scientific and technological
research, education, and develops multimedia systems, platforms, and
applications for the creative industry and cultural institutions.
www.casapaganini.org            youtube.com/InfoMusLab

The EnTimeMent EU Horizon 2020 FET PROACTIVE project
EnTimeMent aims at a radical change in scientific research and enabling
technologies for human movement qualitative analysis, entrainment and
prediction, based on a novel neuro-cognitive approach of the multiple,
mutually interactive time scales characterizing human behaviour. Our
approach will afford the development of computational models for the
automated detection, measurement, and prediction of movement qualities from
behavioural signals, based on multi-layer parallel processes at non-linearly
stratified temporal dimensions, and will radically transform technology for
human movement analysis. EnTimeMent new innovative scientifically-grounded
and time-adaptive technologies operate at multiple time scales in a
multi-layered approach: motion capture and movement analysis systems will be
endowed with a completely novel functionality, achieving a novel generation
of time-aware multisensory motion perception and prediction systems. The
proposed model and technologies will be iteratively tested and refined, by
designing and performing controlled and ecological experiments, ranging from
action prediction in a controlled laboratory setting, to prediction in
dyadic and small group interaction. EnTimeMent scenarios include health
(healing and support of everyday life of persons with chronic pain and
disability), performing arts (e.g. dance), sports, and entertainment group
activities, with and without living architectures. EnTimeMent will create
and support community-building and exploitation with concrete initiatives,
including a community of users and stakeholders, innovation hubs and SME
incubators, as premises for the consolidation beyond the end of the project
in a broader range of market areas.

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