Bogdan Butnaru wrote:
On 4/25/06, Simon Reinhardt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
- change "Release is a live performance of Release", "Release was performed live
as Release" to "Release has later recording(s) Release", "Release is a later 
of Release" and update the one case using the live stuff since the direction of 
the type

No objections to this. But I remember there is a "release is remaster
of release" relationship, a "release is the earliest release of
release" and I'm not sure but I think there's another similar one. It
might be a good idea to write them all together with descriptions and
differences; I'm a bit fuzzy on their precise meanings.

You mean similar to ? 
Yeah that could be useful I guess.

Another thing I realized: the wording of "Track is the earliest
version of Track" and "Track is a later version of Track" suggests
that they can be used to link _any_ version of two tracks with the
same name; this would include remixes, alternate versions, etc.

Yes, but reading the description and the wiki page this is not the case. The 
description says it *only* is about re-recordings. And that exactly is the 
reason why I want to change it. :)
I don't know what "is another version" should mean anyways. Either a song is 
remastered or edited (making it shorter for radio etc.) from the original audio data or 
remixed (mostly taking the end result as a source for the remix I think) or a new 
recording is made. But you're right, I guess we need to collect some border cases to make 
it clearer. Also I think we need to note that CoverRelationshipType overrules 

never occured to me to use it this way, I only used it (at most a
couple of times, actually) for identically-named tracks on re-releases
and such.

For that you should use I 
guess. :)

So, to sum up: a couple of lists of these "similarity" relationships,
one for tracks and one for releases, with diferences explained and
exemplified, I think would make the issues much more clear (it seems
right to me, but blurry...)

I'm not an expert on sound engineering. Anyone?

Simon (Shepard)

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