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> Cantatas with parts
> ===================
> Status: Accepted CSG.
> Numbering: "Part <roman numeral>, <roman numeral>"
> Example:
>       Cantata, BWV 17 "Wer Dank opfert, der preiset mich": Part II, V. Aria
> "Welch Übermaß der Güte"
> Passions
> ========
> Status: No agreement. Very mixed actual use.
> Current MB releases have a huge variety:
>       Johannes-Passion, BWV 245, Teil I: Choral "Wer hat dich so geschlagen"
>       Johannes-Passion, Zweiter Teil: In meines Herzens Grunde
>       No. 22 Recitativo: Der Heiland fällt vor seinem Vater nieder
>       [Part Two] Alto 1 - Aria: Ach! Nun ist mein Jesus hin! (Chorus: Wo 
> istdenn)
>       Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244: II. Teil, XXXVIII. Nun ist der Herr zu Ruh
> gebracht
>       No. 67 - Recitativo (+ Chor): Nun Ist Der Herr Zur Ruh Gebracht
>       77. Rezitativ: Nun ist der Herr zur Ruh gebracht; mit Chor: Mein Jesu,
> gute Nacht
>       St. Matthew Passion: LXVIII. Chorus: Wir setzen uns mit Tranen nieder
>       St. Matthew Passion BWV 244, Part Two: No. 56 Rezitativ: Der
> Landpfleger sagte
> (Note that just like with Cantatas, numbering is is consecutive through
> the whole work; Part Two starts with No. 36)
> At this first stage I have two specific questions to the audience:
> 1. Is this summary correct?
> 2. Which other canonical examples are there that are not covered above?

Masses, Requiems and Oratoria aren't explicitly covered in your
summary.  I tend to think it's worthing aiming for some commonality
with these, as well as Cantatas, Passions and any other large-scale
non-opera choral works.  If nothing else they deserve a common
convention for the latter part of the track name, which at the moment
tends to a confusion of:
        "Common name" (Aria (Tenor))
        "Common name" (Tenor Aria)
        "Common name" (Aria (Evangelist))
        "Common name" (Evangelist)
        Aria (Tenor), Common name
        Aria (Evangelist), "Common name"
        Tenor Aria (Common name)
        ... or a bunch more variants along these lines

I still wonder if an exception to the "movement numbers in Roman
numeral" might be an idea for such works.  Arabic numerals for section
numbers in large choral works is rather more common than in other
arias (afaict from my sheet music Arabic is the norm except for French
publishers), and Roman tends to lead to unwieldy things like the
XXXVIII example above.

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