> 3) We have a "release is a live performance of release" AR, but not a
> "track
> is a live performance of track".  This falls into the same situation as #2
> above.  I can think of very few situations where release X is a complete
> live performance of release Y - and ONLY of release Y.  I can, however,
> think of tens of thousands of examples where track A is a live performance
> of track B.  Yet we have this AR only at the track level, and not the
> release level.

This was dodgyly added, that is without much discussion and therefore without 
much thought about the consequences. Actually a live performance (and I know of 
several such cases, even live covers of albums) is a special case of another 
recording of an album and therefore should use the OtherVersionRelationshipType 
like tracks do. I had proposed adding attributes to it in the past, like 
"live", "acoustic", "studio" (a song might have been first played live only), 
Also I still think that OtherVersionRelationshipType should be renamed, see the 
discussion section on its wiki page. :)

> Proposed: add a track-track "is a live performance of" AR, Remove the
> release-release version of the AR (converting any such existing ARs to the
> track-track ARs)

Disagree for the reasons above.

Simon (Shepard)
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