Some of these old lilypond files where the fingering is done by markup are
a real challenge to read. I have had luck with \set restrainOpenStrings =
##t and a liberal amount of \once\set minimumFret=4. To attain a goal of an
uncluttered Staff you may need to occasionally hide the string
numbering (\override
StringNumber #'transparent = ##t followed eventually by a \revert
StringNumber #'transparent).

Take a look at my recent Aguado
I followed Aguado's fingerings and for such a short piece it was
challenging to get the fingering and tabs to both look correct.

Felix, I believe the harmonic notation is correct --- the diamond head at
the sounding note and the parenthetic fret number on the touched string.
Somebody correct me if I am wrong. And, yeah, the G in measure 11 goes on
string 2 unless he is the human rubberband ;-)

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Felix Janda <> wrote:

> On 12/09/12 at 03:54pm, Federico Bruni wrote:
> > Can you review it?
> > My main concern is how to deal with string numbers.
> > I'll comment TabStaff before comitting it, but I want TabStaff to work
> > fine so I must specify the string to get the right fret number. This
> > produces a lot of string numbers. How to deal with that?
> The ability to produce a correct TabStaff should be useful.
> > A possible strategy is using minimumFret when I don't want to show the
> > string number, but I'm a bit afraid of the warnings that it may generate
> > (done just few tests).
> > What do you recommend?
> It sounds like a good strategy. What warnings? How about for example
> setting
> minimumFret to 7 and enabling restrainOpenStrings in measure 8?
> Some minors stuff:
> - The g in measure 11 should be on string 2 shouldn't it?
> - Is the penultimate chord correct like this?
> - The "mutopiacomposer" header field needs to be fixed for old scores
> Thanks for updating this piece.
> Felix
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