Not sure what else to I am posting this here.

       There are 2 significant errors in the Goldberg Aria, which
I first identified several years ago. I did send a heads up
to the maintainer et. al.  listed but there was no acknowedgment
and the error remains. The correction is simple but I don't have
a lilypond version to verify the fix. Specifically the errors are

  i) Bar 18: the last eight note in the treble clef is incorrect. It
     should be a "g" and not an "e". This is verified in all other
      engravings and recordings.

  ii) Bar 6: the dotted quarter note in the bass clef appears on beat 2.5
     when it should be on beat 2. This is because of a conscious decision
     to offset it to that position. In lilypond source it is offset with
     instead of "s4"  While the original score is not 100% clear, all
     other engravings and recordings clearly have the dotted quarter on
     beat 2 not 2.5

         I appreciate that people are busy, and this error is not a
priority, but I simply want it documented.


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