First off, our thanks to those that volunteered their time and effort for our 
first typesetting request, some of which are contributing to the Mutopia 
Project for the first time:
Knute Snortum, Steve Taylor, Abel Cheung, Federico Bruni, Joram Berger, and 
Glen Larsen.

If you missed the background and goals of this request, please check our 
initial announcement.

We posted an ambitious list of 12 popular works, including several collections 
of pieces for piano, violin, and voice; in all, 300+ pages of scanned music to 
choose from.

Since our request back in April, more than 60% of the works have been claimed.  
By our 4-month checkpoint of August 15th, volunteers had submitted 22 new 
pieces, adding 83 pages of music to Mutopia, at a pace of 770 lines of LilyPond 
code per week.

Taking into account completed works only, the corresponding scans of added 
pieces get >300 downloads per day from the IMSLP website.

Mutopia doesn’t currently track download traffic, but to get some early 
reference, we postedone of the typesets to IMSLP.  The LilyPond version got 
300+ downloads in it’s first month.

These are great, encouraging results, and I hope you join me in congratulating 
the volunteers that made it happen.

In the months ahead, we’ll continue tallying completion of already-assigned 
works, and welcome others that want to contribute.

Armed with this baseline of stats, we plan further collaboration with IMSLP to 
fine-tune and automate the effort that was done manually to select future 
“wanted” music lists.

Javier Ruiz-Alma
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