Greetings friends of the Mutopia Project,

I’ve written a blog post for Scores of Beauty ( 
<>) on recent progress in the Mutopia Project.  I will 
publish it after the fourth update effort gets underway. (As soon as it is 
officially announced.  I see that Glen has started adding the issues to the 

I'm hoping that my blog post may inspire some new volunteers.  So for this 
fourth update effort, I’d like to request that current volunteers only sign up 
for a single work to update, at first.  That will give any new volunteers a 
range of options to choose from if they want to participate.  After a couple of 
weeks feel free to go ahead and sign up for more.[1]

Let me know if you have any questions.


[1] Although maybe it would be a good practice to only sign up for one work at 
a time?  Basically everyone would sign up for an additional work to update only 
after they have submitted a pull request for the previous one.  Thoughts?)
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