I've just come across the incidental music to the original stage
production of Peter Pan; or, The Boy who wouldn't Grow Up.  Both Google
Books ( and the Internet
Archive ( seem to
think this music, published in 1905, is in the public domain.  (I have
been unable to track down when the composer John Crook died, though; and
I understand it'll need to be confirmed that he died earlier than 1944
before this can be added to Mutopia -- can anyone help here?)

At any rate, I've begun to re-typeset some of this in Lilypond with the
intention of submitting this to Mutopia.  I've forked the project at
GitHub; see

I'm not at all certain I've got the header correct, and I'd appreciate
some guidance.  Here's what I've put down so far:

        \header {
                title = "The Arrival of the Crocodile"
                composer = "John Crook (18??–19??)"
                opus = "Peter Pan"
                date = "1905"
                style = "Incidental"
                source = "The Music to J. M. Barrie’s Successful Play Peter 
Pan, or,
The Boy who wouldn’t Grow Up"
                maintainer = "Joel C. Salomon"
                maintainerEmail = ""
                license = "Public Domain"
                mutopiatitle = "The Arrival of the Crocodile"
                mutopiaopus = "Peter Pan"
                mutopiacomposer = "CrookJ"
                mutopiainstrument = "Piano"


* I've created the new file at
with the idea that the opus is "Peter Pan" and the individual pieces
correspond to movements -- is this correct?

  (I know that I'll have to explicitly request the addition of the
CrookJ directory; but I'm not yet ready for that step.)

* The `date` and `source` fields are from the songbook as it was
published in 1905.  I don't know whether you want the IA URL or
something similar here.

* None of the choices for the `style` listed on the website really fit.
 Is it alright to create the category "Incidental" for this, or should
it be shoehorned under "Classical"?

--Joel Salomon

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