A year and a half ago, on 2014-12-23 7:10 PM, I wrote:
> I've just come across the incidental music to the original stage
> production of Peter Pan; or, The Boy who wouldn't Grow Up.
> At any rate, I've begun to re-typeset some of this in Lilypond with the
> intention of submitting this to Mutopia.  I've forked the project at
> GitHub; see https://github.com/jcsalomon/MutopiaProject/commit/14e70804

Returning to this at long last…

While I do still intend to contribute a version of this effort to
Mutopia, I’m finding it easier to work on it as an independent project;
see <https://github.com/jcsalomon/CrookJ-PeterPan>.

In the Releases page for that project, I have my current drafts of the
first 13 scores in this collection: LilyPond source, PDF score, and MIDI

I can use some help with this from folks who are more familiar with
LilyPond or musical notation than I.  There are minor details (which
relative key is correct for any given score, whether any particular slur
should be a phrasing slur instead), more noticeable formatting issues
(how to program the accelerando/ritardando in PP04 “The Shadow Dance”,
or the change of singer in PP13 “The Building of the House”), and
LilyPond issues (are my score blocks overly complicated, or am I perhaps
missing some things that should be there? can I combine articulate.ly
with \acciaccatura? how do I make fermata sound better?).

—Joel C. Salomon

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