Hi Knute,

maybe automatic scaling can help you? See

> If the paper size is changed with one of the scheme functions
> (|set-default-paper-size| or |set-paper-size|), the values of several
> |\paper| variables are automatically scaled to the new size. To bypass
> the automatic scaling for a particular variable, set the variable
> after setting the paper size. Note that the automatic scaling is not
> triggered by setting the |paper-height| or |paper-width| variables,
> even though |paper-width| can influence other values (this is separate
> from scaling and is discussed below). [...]



On 11.04.2017 20:40, Knute Snortum wrote:
> I try to make my contributions fit in a whole number of pages, that
> is, not with a ragged last page.  To do this, I often change the
> global staff size.  The problem arises when I have to change from A4
> to Letter paper size.  Often the number of pages changes, making one
> look too spaced out.
> What would be nice is if I could specify a different staff size for
> different paper sizes.  If not, I have to decide between a ragged last
> page, or worse, making one size look bad for the sake of the other. 
> Since I'm from the US, I would favor Letter.  The A4 people would need
> to change some settings and recompile.  How can we avoid this?
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> Knute Snortum
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