The existing file for Scott Joplin's "The Easy Winners" had a few
mismatches with the original publication. When I tried to fix those, I
found that the way the file was using voices made it almost uneditable. 

So I re-created, from the original notes, a setup for it. 

Now I've got a few questions: 

        * I introduced an intentional inaccuracy for one note. The original
note sounds wrong, and it is also not anyone I found online plays the
piece. Are intentional changes acceptable?
        * The original file contained a footer. I found no reference to that
footer in the docs. I'm not sure whether I need to create it.
        * I think the name under which the file currently reside (winners) is
not particularly easy to find. In general, I think the project should
standartize on something (snake_notation, CamelNotation, actual spaces)
and document it. Should I rename?

As soon as I get an answer I can submit a pull request. 

Thank you,
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