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> Okay, I forked Mutopia. The instructions suggest creating a separate
> branch for multiple submissions. Does that mean multiple submissions at
> once or for the foreseeable future? I intend to start with Kohler's op
> 151, since it's pretty straightforward.

You should have separate branches for each piece.  A piece may have
multiple files and sometimes multiple movements.  Other times, like the
Chopin Preludes, each piece has its own branch.  I'm not that familiar with
Kohler opus 151, but I believe it has twelve sections.  Each section such
have a branch and be submitted separately.  At least that is my

> When run with ly:page-turn-breaking, Lilypond is giving me a
> "programming error", something about page breaking, and then says
> "crossing fingers". It's not highlighted as a normal error or warning,
> and everything works out fine. What does it mean?

This kind of question is better submitted to the LilyPond users' mailing
list (http://lilypond.org/contact.html).  You should state the version of
LilyPond you use, the full error message, and if possible, a tiny example.

> Also, I created a cover.ily, which just contains some markup to create a
> cover page. But when I include it in the main .ly, it pushes the TOC to
> an even page, which results in 3 blank pages. When I comment it out, the
> TOC is on page 1, the scores begins on page 2, and everything is fine. I
> haven't found any combination commands that will give me a cover, blank
> reverse side, then TOC on the next page (physical page 3).

This would be a separate submission to the LilyPond users' mail list too.

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