On 2018-10-21, Federico Bruni wrote:
Yesterday I noted that I cannot get access to any file on Mutopia website. Main pages in the web root as well as cgibin/ pages are accessible, but it seems that any other page within ftp/ is not.



You don't have permission to access /ftp/AlkanCV/O31/alkan-op31-8/alkan-op31-8.mid on this server.

Fortunately, the files are still downloadable (manually) from a mirror, e.g.:

(BTW, that mirror looks somewhat misconfigured too; forwarding a copy my previous message for anyone interested).

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Subject: incorrect mirror setup?
Date: 2018-10-07

Well, according to the start page, there're 2 mirrors:
1) Canada (main): http://www.mutopiaproject.org/
2) Portugal: http://eremita.di.uminho.pt/mutopia/

It turns out that currently Portuguese mirror is serving web pages only,
and all the music content is loaded from the main mirror,
and I wonder whether it should be that way.

E.g. You can view info about the Blue Danube Waltz on both mirrors:

But when you try to download MIDI, you have the same link on both pages:

Out of curiosity, I've tried to guess if we can download the music files
from the Portuguese mirror,
and it looks like the answer is positive -- here is the guessed mirror MIDI link:

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