thx Knute!

Gimme a couple of days to set things up for contributions.

I'll post updates here, if that's ok with everyone.


Quoting Knute Snortum <>:

I was wondering recently what the status of Mutopia was, and finding the
last thread I saw this post again.  Going to was a
pleasant surprise! That is a really nice website that has all of Mutopia,
as well as other sources, "plugged in".

Now my question is, do I start contributing to, and if so

Knute Snortum

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 5:15 PM Mike Blackstock <> wrote:

I've been working on a Mutopia fork/clone that will allow
users to work in realtime on scores:

The Mutopia folder has the complete Mutopia repository, which
will be keyword-searchable just as soon as I upload the search

It'll be very easy for users to contribute new functionality via
user-contributed apps, which can be written in hyperapp, or Vue,
or React, or just a plain-old iframe app.

I have a login and signup system ready to deploy; here's a quick
demo of it:

Roadmap for this week:

-- install search/index system on the demo site at ''
-- install File 'Tree' view with expandable folder views;
-- move 'Chamber Guitar' stuff to a separate site, make the demo

It'll be nice to get a few volunteers to help out.
More to come...


Quoting Josiah Boothby <>:

> It sure looks dormant (to say the least) and all of the discussion in the
> mailing list in the past few months has been to this effect. Someone with
> the right know-how could probably fork the project, but that's beyond my
> skills. I have web hosting that I'd be happy to devote to it but I don't
> have the skills to be a site maintainer.
> On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 7:58 AM Knute Snortum <>
>> No music has been processed since 2019/07/24.  I'm willing to help
>> I can, or is the Mutopia Project dead.  I'd be really sad if that is so.
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