I wanted to add that there is a wonderful site --
https://blackstock.media/ -- that incorporates The Mutopia Project
(and more) with some nice interactive widgets.  Check it out.

Knute Snortum

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 7:17 AM Knute Snortum <ksnor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 12:26 PM Kenneth Wolcott
> <kennethwolc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> >   Beginner (nine months) at Lilypond, interested in helping
> > converting/updating Mutopia works...
> Hello and welcome!  I didn't want this email to go unanswered.  The
> Mutopia Project is in transition, to put it mildly.  New submissions
> have been backlogged for a year or so.  However, there has been some
> interest in starting them up again, or moving to a similar site.  I
> think you should definitely get music ready to submit to Mutopia, but
> I don't want you to be surprised if your submissions don't show up on
> the site for a while.
> >    I've been experimenting with Lilypond for less than a year,
> > downloading some works already engraved and trying to engrave them
> > with Lilypond.  I have learned most of the elementary aspects of
> > Lilypond now.  I'm still working on many aspects of Lilypond that I do
> > not yet understand.
> Lilypond has a mailing list you can join:
> https://lilypond.org/contact.html.  It's fairly high in the amount of
> email you get, so I would recommend using an email filter.  The people
> there are often experts at what they do, but simple questions are
> welcomed if they are well thought out.  (Don't, for instance, post:
> "It doesn't work.")
> >   I recently started downloading both Lilypond source and pdf (Letter)
> > engraved music from Mutopia (mostly Bach and Mozart).  I have tried
> > using convert-ly (both version 2.20.0 and 2.22.0 of Lilypond),
> > capturing/saving the output and trying to understand the warnings that
> > sometimes occur.  I subsequently try to engrave the converted Lilypond
> > source.  Most often there is success, sometimes there is something
> > that goes a bit awry.  I am learning, slowly, how to manually perform
> > conversions that convert-ly was not able to do (which the convert-ly
> > did report).
> The Mutopia Project has some very old versions of Lilypond that are
> difficult to convert to a modern version, as you've seen.  Submitting
> updated versions of old submissions is a valid and welcomed activity.
> >   As I get a bit better at doing this, I'd like to contribute to
> > Mutopia by performing some of these conversion updates and providing
> > the updated Lilypond source, trying to make the pdf output look as
> > close to as accurate to the Mutopia Lilypond engraver's pdf.  I do not
> > think I am ready to perform this action just yet, but I'd like to be
> > able to do so soon.
> >
> >   I really appreciate the works that already exist on Mutopia.  I
> > think that this is not only a great resource for high quality engraved
> > music, but a great educational resource for the engraving process
> > itself.
> I agree, and hopefully there will be some movement in getting The
> Mutopia Project back up and running -- or a similar site.
> > Ken Wolcott
> >
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