#3681: Cannot use IPv6 literal address in IMAP/POP3 URL
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Comment (by kevin8t8):

 After thinking about it some more, I don't think it's correct to leave the
 "[]" delimiters in the ciss.host field.

 The reason this was done is because mutt converts it back and forth
 between a URL string, so instead the delimiters were removed inside
 raw_socket_open.  However there are other places in the code that use the
 host field, and they shouldn't all have the responsibility of stripping
 the "[]" off.

 I'm attaching v2 patch that removes the delimiter inside
 ciss_parse_userhost() but puts them back on inside url_ciss_tostring() if
 the host name contains a ':'.  This version of the patch therefor doesn't
 need to touch raw_socket_open().

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