#3990: segfault in hdr_format_str
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Comment (by kevin8t8):

 One fix would be to add an additional range check in mutt_mktime() below
 the TM_YEAR_MAX check.  Something like:

   /* 64-bit platforms can theoretically hold a very large year, but other
    * calls such as strftime() and gmtime() error out on large year values.
    * Cap the value at year 9999.
   if (t->tm_year > 9999-1900)
     t->tm_year = 9999-1900;

 I think the TM_YEAR_MAX check is still needed for 32-bit time_t platforms,
 so this would be in addition.

 I believe this would also "fix" #3989 although I think we should still add
 a NULL check there for correctness.

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