I currently use something along the lines (in my $HOME/.muttrc)

  set editor="vim '+/^$'"

(pretty standard stuff.)  But every once and a while I would like to
jump back to Mutt to check a message.  Since I'm running screen I
thought, ``Oh, I'll just spawn vim off in another screen and then jump
back to mutt if need be.''

Well if I do just that:

  set editor="screen vim -f '+/^$'"

Screen spawns off a vim session just fine, but the contents of the file
is empty.  I used the `-f` thinking that vim was detaching from the
shell, but know difference is noticed.

So my next try was to write a quick wrapper around screen and vim and
pass it argv1.

  % cat hack 
  /usr/apps/bin/screen /usr/apps/bin/vim -- $1

And in my .muttrc file.

  set editor="/home/sbank/hack"

Still no go.  Screen spawns with vim, but no e-mail message to edit.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  (I looked in the mail archives, but
all I came up with is someone saying you should try the `-x` option to
vim.  Which is clearly wrong if you just do a quick man on vim.)


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