Hello mutters,

After finding "urlview" a bit limiting I have written a somewhat more flexible
version of it.  I figured I'd share it with the community in case others are
in a similar "needs-more-power" bind.  Main improvements:
        - user-defined key bindings for everything (with Vi-style defaults)
        - any number of user-defined commands to run on URLs (e.g.: different
          keys for netscape, lynx, galeon, wget, xclip, whatever)
        - ability to show context of a given URL in menu

You can get it at http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/~mac/projects/pyurlview.py

This is a Python script (too lazy to do it in C and don't have the time), so
you'll need Python.  Tested under Python 2.1, not sure about earlier versions.
Also uses the curses library for screen output.

If passed a filename, this script scans the file for URLs, else it looks at
stdin.  Once running, press 'h' or '?' for a brief help on (default) keys.

Comments, suggestions welcome.

Maciej Kalisiak         [EMAIL PROTECTED]     www.dgp.toronto.edu/~mac

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