On 17:15 02 Mar 2002, christophe barbé <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| Is there a way to use mutt on a noatime partitions ?
| It seems there is no option to avoid the use of the access time.
| How does other laptop user ?
| I recently added the noatime option to my root partition to extend my
| battery lifetime but mutt is not really usable this way.

Well, the core issue is now you are being notified of new email.
It may be necessary to change your setup or habits.

For myself, I don't keep mutt up all the time - I open it to read
email and quit when done. So I'm not using mutt's "new mail" monitor.

Also, I'm not using the shell's $MAIL monitor (which depends on atime,
pronouncing new email with atime($MAIL) < mtime($MAIL)).

Instead, I have my procmail recipe write a line to a log file when
interesting email arrives (i.e. only when one of a few recipes fires).
And I have a small window which tails that logfile. If I were in text mode I
could just tail that log in the background.

In this way I am not dependent on atime. It may be you can adapt these
notions to your needs.

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