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% Out of curiosity, is there any shorthand way of accessing the accounts?  

You'd have to make one, but you certainly could.

% For example, if you have a single account, you can access the Inbox by
% changing folders to !.  Is there an easy way to switch between accounts,
% like by assigning each inbox a shortcut key?

Something like

  bind generic ,1 'exec change-folder imap://jenny1@localhost/' "acct 1"
  bind generic ,2 'exec change-folder imap://jenny1@localhost/' "acct 2"

would do the job of shortcutting the folder names, and you could certainly
extend the macros go all the way to the inbox and paste on the <enter>
or to do whatever else you typically do in the course of switching
(perhaps change to the folder, too), while allowing the folder-hook
settings to set a lot of other stuff for you.

% Thanks!


% Jen

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