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> Some other email clients should already have this plugin. If the email
> body contains words like: attach(ed) or attachment(s), it will issue a
> warning if no attachment is added when sending.  How to implement this
> in mutt?

You can set your sendmail variable to a script, that checks your mail.
I have seen several solutions for that. One is mentioned at the wiki¹, 
the other one would be that one²

Another solution I just thought about, would be to let your editor 
check for an attachement. I have seen you on the vim List, so assuming 
you use vim for writing your mails, the following script might do what 
you want:

| function! CheckAttach()
|     let check='attach,angehängt,attachment,Anhang'
|     let oldPos=getpos('.')
|     let ans=1
|     let val = join(split(escape(check,' \.+*'), ','),'\|')
|     1
|     if search('\%('.val.'\)','W')
|       let ans=input("Attach file?: (leave empty to abbort): ", "", "file")
|       while (ans != '')
|               normal magg}-
|               call append(line('.'), 'Attach: '.ans)
|               redraw
|           let ans=input("Attach another file?: (leave empty to abbort): ", 
"", "file")
|       endwhile
|     endif
|     exe ":write ". expand("<amatch>")
|     call setpos('.', oldPos)
| endfu
| augroup script
|     au!
|     au BufWriteCmd,FileWriteCmd mutt* :call CheckAttach()
| augroup END

Just put that script into your ~/.vim/ftplugin/mail.vim file and it 
will get sourced whenever you write mails. It makes use of the pseudo 
Attach: header which is evaluated by mutt. Any file that is specified 
in that header will be attached by mutt. 

This might give you some ideas on how to achieve what you want. Note 
that I have no experience with either of these solutions.

¹ http://wiki.mutt.org/?ConfigTricks/CheckAttach
² http://mako.cc/projects/attachcheck/README.html

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